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You'll find great support before and after you buy FreeStack.
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Blueball Design is known for it's outstanding Rapidweaver support and service.

Since we first started selling Rapidweaver themes in January 2005, we have always strived to offer the finest technical support for all our products for Rapidweaver users.

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FreeStack Theme Support Options

At Blueball Design, we're more than happy to help you out with any questions or problems you have using the Blueball FreeStack theme and stacks.

Before using the form below or emailing us with your question or problem, please do the following:

  • Look through the FreeStack theme's readme files. A lot of questions can be answered by simply referring to it saving you a lot of time. About 75% of the support questions we receive here at Blueball Design on our Rapidweaver products could be answered by looking at the readme files.
  • Make sure it's really a FreeStack theme or stacks problem. If it's a Stacks page plugin question, please contact's support. We do not provide support on how to use the Stacks plugin itself but will try to help time permitting.
  • You modify the FreeStack theme and stack files at your own risk. We do not provide support on modified themes or stacks. We will be happy to any questions on our unmodified Blueball themes and stacks.
  • Still stuck? Then use the form below to send us a support request and we'll get back to you with an answer. Be as detailed as possible in the message area on what your problem is, when it is occurring, what stack you're using, etc.

Fill in the form below to send us an email with your FreeStack theme and stacks support request.

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How this page was created.

This page used majority of the same FreeStack stacks as the main home page does. They were rearranged to create a different looking page layout in a matter of minutes. The logo stack was removed. We placed a contact form by pasting in code from another source into a html stack. The page wrapper div's background color was changed in the color pickers to white and a custom body background image was used. The Page Wrapper CSS3 variation was also used. That's it.