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FreeStack merges a theme's functionality and Rapidweaver's features, with the drag and drop layout simplicity of stacks.

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Every layout design restriction you've run into with a theme before is now gone forever.

Need a nav menu on your page? Drag and drop in one of the FreeStack nav menu stacks. Position it anywhere you'd like it to appear. Don't want it to show on a page. Delete it.

Want your logo on the page? Drag in the FreeStack logo stack and position it wherever you'd like on the page.

The layout possibilities with the FreeStack theme are endless!

What's coming next for FreeStack.

We've got a lot of cool new stuff coming in 2013 for FreeStack and FreeStack Responsive.

Stay tuned for news and details on our Twitter feed, user name @blueballdesign, for the very latest FreeStack product updates and new releases!

Everything on this page is a stack.

The Blueball FreeStack theme starts out as a blank page for you to create any theme layout you can think of by simply dragging and dropping FreeStack stacks onto the Stacks page and setting what theme variations you want to use. Each of the 26 FreeStack stacks comes with its own set of controls built into the hud area for you to make adjustments too.

FreeStack stacks include:

• FreeStack Breadcrumb
• FreeStack Contact
• FreeStack Contact Plus
• FreeStack Content
• FreeStack File Share RW5
• FreeStack Fixed Height
• FreeStack Fixed Width
• FreeStack Footer
• FreeStack Header
• FreeStack iFrame
• FreeStack Logo
• FreeStack Nav Menu
• FreeStack Nav MenuT1
• FreeStack Nav Menu2
• FreeStack Nav Menu3
• FreeStack Nav Menu4
• FreeStack Nav Menu5
• FreeStack Nav MenuT5
• FreeStack Sidebar
• FreeStack Slogan
• FreeStack Spacer
• FreeStack Styler
• FreeStack Title
• FreeStack Tumblr Lite
• FreeStack Twitter Button
• FreeStack Twitter Share Content

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*This is the new FreeStack Fixed Content stack.